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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, injured in the line of duty. firefighters trying to protect lives and homes in northern california. how they're doing now. also -- >> if these terrorists threaten our facilities or our personnel, we will take action to protect our people. >> u.s. air-strikes taking aim at militants in iraq. the president speaks out about the attacks designed in part to protect u.s. citizens on the ground. and a guessing game for music fames trying to score last-minute tickets to outside lands. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. a tough firefight in northern california, 5,000 acres have
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burned in mendocino county. now three firefighters from the south bay are injured. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live from santa clara county, fire headquarters in los gatos with more on how they were hurt. >> reporter: i just talked with a battalion chief here at the department. he tells me two male firefighters and one female firefighter suffered burns fighting that mendocino county fire but he also says that collectively, they had 60 years experience. now, the three were part of a strike team that left the south bay headed for another fire in northern california last saturday. after a few days, they were realigned to the lodge fire. they suffered burns as they went to learn their first assignment. >> they were just in the process of -- when firefighters called, lining out, which means scouting the area and then understanding what their assignment was, conferring with their supervisors, when there was just an unusual, extreme fire event. it just popped up.
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no one knew exactly what happened. >> reporter: the three firefighters were airlifted to a hospital in yukia. they were then driven by ambulance to santa clara medical center's burn unit. they arrived this morning at 3:00 and were discharged from the hospital at 8:00 this morning. five other people from the department of corrections fighting side by side with the other firefighters who were hurt, they also suffered burns. there are 19 other people, firefighters, who were in the mendocino county area. but we don't know yet if they will be sent home immediately or if they will keep fighting the fire throughout the weekend. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you very much. the new round of air-strikes in iraq, american jet fighters and drones have conducted four more air-strikes on islamic militants today. they took out armored carriers and a truck that were firing on civilians.
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new video from the iraqi defense ministry shows u.s. warplanes and drones over the western anbar province. a rocket is seen hitting a target. today president obama said these attacks destroyed arms and equipment that could have been used against civilians. >> we will protect our american citizens in iraq whether they're diplomats, civilians or military. if these terrorists threaten our facilities or our personnel, we will take action to protect our people. we will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists so that the terrorists cannot establish a permanent safe haven. >> the president would not detail how long the u.s. will continue with the air-strikes. however, he did say that there are no plans to move the u.s. embassy or consulate anytime soon. u.s. aircraft dropped food and water to iraqis trapped by the islamic militant group isis.
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we provided aid to tens of thousands of refugees. 35,000 people have received supplies so far. continuing coverage online. head to and search iraq air-strikes to find the latest on this continuing story. rocket fire has resumed full force in gaza following a three-day truce. israeli rockets this morning struck various targets in gaza. in one case, the body of a senior hamas leader was found in the rubble of a mosque. both sides resumed fire in moments after the truce ended. peace talks between diplomats continue in cairo but israel is refusing to negotiate as long as the rockets continue to be fired. the death toll from the ebola outbreak is now rising. the world health organization is calling for an international response. all this as we're hearing directly now from one of the americans who's battling the disease. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more.
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>> reporter: this morning, they may be in isolation but they are not alone. dr. kent brantly is thanking the world for its prayers. i'm growing stronger every day, he writes and i thank god for his mercy as i have wrestled with this terrible disease. the other american with ebola, nancy writebol, is feeling well enough to ask for starbucks coffee. >> she's doing really well. >> reporter: her son brian spoke with a christian radio show. he says when he and his brother visit, they see their mom through glass and use a cell phone to call her room. at this point, really the doctors are just trying to care for her and keep her as comfortable as possible. >> there's one nurse inside the room and one nurse outside the room 24/7 making sure that they respond to any needs. >> reporter: writebol's husband, david, is still in liberia, waiting for the ebola incubation period to elapse to make sure he's not infected. >> i miss being with her.
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she's the biggest part of my life. i deeply love her. 40 years of marriage and being together, it's hard to be apart. >> reporter: the outbreak emerged in guinea in march and has spread to sierra leone, liberia and nigeria, killing at least 961 people. >> i am declaring the current outbreak of the ebola virus disease a public health emergency of international concern. >> reporter: but some aid organizations like doctors without borders have said the worldwide response has been agonizingly slow. the shortage of health care workers is dire. >> the main difficulty is to find the number of people that have been trained that are able to set up new treatment centers in the affected countries. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. coming up on "nbc nightly news," an update on one of the americans infected with ebola. how her son says she's doing tonight. reaching out for help, the family of a man shot and killed last week in south san jose need some assistance.
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relatives of the man say they need money to help pay for the funeral and other expenses. those who want to help can donate at any wells fargo bank. he was shot and killed last saturday outside a 7-eleven. there are no suspects at this time. new at 5:00, traffic is moving again through san leandro tonight. a big rig accident shut down part of the roadway earlier this morning. chp officers say the accident happened when a truck driver struck a big rig parked on the side of the road. the impact crushed the front of one big rig, trapping that officer. officers are still investigating the cause of the accident but they think the driver fell asleep at the wheel. >> the driver didn't remember possibly falling asleep. just driving, next thing you know, the collision happened. >> officers say the injured driver has possibly two broken legs. the accident shut down part of 880 for about an hour while crews cleaned up the chemical spill. no one else was injured.
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looks like you won't find the oakland mayor behind the wheel. she damaged her city-issued car in a fender-bender. earlier she was also seen using her phone behind the wheel. according to the oakland tribune, a spokesperson says that going forward, kwan will leave the driving to staffers or volunteers. police never determined which driver was at fault in that crash. buyer beware. christie smith is live from outside lands with more on this. christie? >> reporter: good evening. fans are loving this music festival. we can hear it from outside. but we ran into a number of fans who were outside with us. and that's because they got up to the gate and they found out that their tickets were fake. basically what happens is when you walk in here at golden gate park, you go past one gate where
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you're basically checked to make sure that you actually have a ticket in hand for the outside lands three-day festival. that's only a quick glance, though. when you get up to the real gate is when your ticket is checked and scanned. san francisco police say they seized a number of tickets to this three-day festival at golden gate park that looked pretty real but it turns out that they were absolutely fake. 200,000 people are expected to attend the three-day festival with music, food, beer and wine. friday night saw headliners kanye west and arctic monkey. one man from l.a. told us he couldn't see any of it. >> i got to the security checkpoint. and at the third one, it was saying it got reprocessed already. and that someone else already used it. so we went to the ticket issues and they said it's been processed 300 times that day. >> reporter: the san francisco police also shared photos of
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citations from people trying to sneak into the event. we did try and contact the promoters. they were working on an answer for us for exactly what people might want to do in these situations. the legitimate tickets sold out within 24 hours after they went on sale. but i did check the website and they do remind people that tickets obtained from unauthorized sources could be lost, stolen or counterfeit and if so, they would be void. the gentleman we spoke with told us he bought his tickets online. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. coming up next at 5:00, go home. that's the message to kids in baltimore who are out after dark. the penalty for parents if their kids are caught breaking the new curfew law. still to come, a lot of storm damage to clean up in hawaii. residents there left in the dark as yet another storm system is heading their way. after a foggy day in san francisco, more fog on the way. and not to mention, some rare
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thunderstorms. we're tracking lightning in the sierra up to 50 strikes this past hour. we'll get you up to speed with this and what it means for you sunday coming up after this.
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knives, baseball bats and a wooden stake are the weapons used in a parking lot brawl in the north bay. santa rosa police say it started
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about 1:00 this morning outside the in-n-out restaurant. one man was stabbed in the arm. a teenage boy grabbed a wooden stake and smashed it into another man's head. later police arrested a 17-year-old male who may have used the stake. detectives believe the fight is gang related. forget about staying out late in baltimore. the strictest curfew law in the country is set to take effect starting this weekend. the curfew requires children 13 and younger be indoors by 9:00 p.m. 14 to 16 can stay out till 10:00 p.m. on school nightses and 11:00 p.m. over the summer and on weekends. the plan is getting mixed reaction. opponents say there's no correlation between curfew laws and reduction in crime by or against juveniles. supporters say it will help out the community. >> the goal is to get those young people and their families connected with the help that they need so they're not out unsupervised after curfew.
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>> under the new law, parents or guardians of repeat offenders will be fined up to $500 plus community service. still to come at 5:00, it's one of the biggest eyesores in san francisco but not for much longer. >> they call it a transformation long overdue. new life for a dead reservoir that hasn't held water for about 70 years.
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in a city as dense as san
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francisco, every inch of open space is precious. for more than a century, one prime piece of barren land has been taking up prime space. this reservoir near the corner of hyde and bay is about to get a facelift. joe rosato, jr. shows us. >> reporter: it's strange that in a city of sights, it's a strange sight on the back side of russian hill. >> very interesting. >> reporter: it draws people in. >> looks like a pretty big eyesore right now. >> it looks like a deserted landscape. >> reporter: you won't find it on the tourist map, yet the tourists can't turn away. >> you mean this place, right? >> reporter: the object of all this fascination, the old san francisco reservoir on hyde street which hasn't actually held water in 70 years. >> the cable car goes by. the tourists go by. then you look down and you just
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see this defunct, derelict space. >> reporter: lynn jefferson sees it. >> i've walked through here for 15 years and wondered when was something ever going to be done? >> reporter: maybe it's the encounter with this vast empty moonscape just up the hill from fisherman's wharf that fascinates people or the sight of hundreds of temporary weed-whacking gardeners? >> they probably thought it was like something special a long time ago. >> reporter: but soon this empty reservoir will be special again. >> the vision is it's going to become a city park. >> reporter: jefferson and a group of citizens convinced the city to transform this land into open space. >> it will be green. there will be trees, viewing corridors, places for kids to play. >> reporter: last week, the board of supervisors officially transferred the reservoir from public utilities to the parks
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department. it will be the biggest new park in san francisco in decades. >> the city population continues to grow and we become more and more dense. we need open space as much as ever. >> reporter: so far jefferson's group has raids $9 million of the $11 million needed to do the work which will take several years. >> this is going to serve so many different people across the city. >> reporter: in a way that's long overdue. >> i think that its destiny was always that. >> reporter: and in a city that values each patch of grass, this field of dreams will be something to celebrate. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. they just made it through one storm. now hawaii is bracing for the next wave. tropical storm iselle swept through the big island yesterday. dozens of trees are blocking roadways. tens of thousands dealing with power outages and a lot of flooding. hawaii is now bracing itself for
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julio expected to pass by the islands early tomorrow and expected to linger through the states on monday. a lot of staffers here are taking that precious vacation time in hawaii. they got hit with these hurricanes. >> here's meteorologist anthony slaughter. >> you can see from our satellite perspective, this is the infrared measure which we use to measure the temperature in the clouds. there are a lot of deep colors. that indicates it's an organized system. but here's the thing. the wind that's associated with it, the hurricane wind is going to pass to the north of this island. the main bulk of it will stay well off to the north so they are not expecting to take a hit with this. and they're not expecting to see any tropical storm or hurricane winds. just a few more inches of rain. here back at home, we have rain
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on the radar. lots of lightning strikes. look at all these strikes within the past few hours. over hundreds of strikes in tahoe. that's about 200 from last count. even this past hour, up to about 55 in just really the past hour from up towards just south of reno down just north of fresno. an upper level system is making its way towards the coastline. that's why we have all the cloud cover, especially right up against the coast. down in the south bay, a hazy look. comfortable in the 70s. in san francisco, that's where we have the fog and low clouds. it's been like this all day long. that marine layer pushed up against the coast because of that system making its way in. that's why we have the increased marine layer and also the chance of thunderstorms in our sunday forecast. we'll show you what it looks like from space. you can see the swirl, that area of low pressure spinning towards the coast, not very defined and it doesn't really show up that well. the thing to note here, as it's
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moving towards the coastline, all these thunderstorms just erupt. that's what's going to happen tomorrow. for us, it's going to mean a very slight chance of thunderstorms. not everybody's going to see the rain. kind of like what we had last weekend with this monsoon moisture. this is a little bit different. that monsoon moisture is going to get coupled with this system. the areas outlined in green, extreme north and east, brentwood, fairfield, vallejo, that's where you could see the best chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. very isolated and likely after 5:00? in the evening towards sunset. good mix of cloud cover tomorrow at the coastline. san francisco struggling to get into the 60s tomorrow. the peninsula, you'll be in the 60s right at the coastline near pacifica, 65. in palo alto, not bad. morgan hill, 82. north bay, a little bit cooler from what we had for today. 75 in napa. 74 in fremont. in the tri-valley, a few low 80s. but i think that's the best
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place we'll see a few of those isolated thunderstorms. putting it into motion, you'll notice a few blotches of green. we'll see the typical drizzle and fog tomorrow morning. sunshine by the afternoon. and after about 5:00 tomorrow evening, that's when the best chance of showers and storms exist. that could produce some lightning and that will continue overnig overnight. not talking about a huge system. but just a couple of lightning strikes. that could mean devastation because we're in such a drought, one lightning strike could cause another wildfire and then who knows how many acres that could burn? >> sure. something to definitely think about. still to come at 5b:00 -- >> the big area race that has competitors climbing up, over and under obstacles before they reach the finish line.
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it is the only thing separating extreme athletes from the finish line in san francisco. >> an obstacle course that will leave their limbs burning. take a look. thousands showed up at at&t park today for the spartan sprint time trial. peggy and i were not among them. >> we didn't want to make anybody feel bad. >> the race stretched for four miles, used all the levels. athletes climbed up, over and under obstacles on the route. each section tested their endurance and strength. the winners said they feel exhausted but fulfilled. >> extremely exciting atmosphere here in the bay area. this stadium is second to none. just a great place to run a race and take it all in. >> very fit people there. and we want to say
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congratulations to our nbc bay area crew members, many of them did the course today and survived. >> including the legendary rob mayeda. >> yes. >> meteorologist extraordinaire. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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he may be the world's most beloved beagle. and today he is celebrating a birthday. >> it is hardly the dog days of summer for snoopy. there he is. celebrating his birthday all week at great american in santa clara. children helped at the celebration. a big birthday cake and a giant snoopy card. he made his first appearance in a peanuts strip in october 1950. that's a long time in dog years. >> and the kids got a chance to
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write "happy birthday." he appreciated every single one of them. >> happy birthday. on this saturday night, long term mission, the president refuses to put a time limit on renewed u.s. military strikes on iraq as new video of the attacks is released tonight. we are on the ground in iraq where the situation for thousands grows desperate. deadly outbreak. the two american ebola victims improve, the desperation grows overseas, prompting new tensions and new measures to control the spread of ebola. rolling the dice. all bets are off as an iconic american gambling city struggles to remain afloat. tonight, the game changer that put tens of thousands of jobs at risk. and alligator attack. a little boy is forced to go one-on-one with a 500-pound beast and comes out on top.


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